Step #2: 
Determining the Appropriate Membership Level 
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 When you register online for membership in the Sneds Tour you will be prompted to choose one of following levels:

 Membership Levels




Sneds Tour Member


A player wishing to compete as a full member of the Sneds Tour and compete in any Member Series event (one day tournament) in the summer  MUST be a member under this level.  See below for more information on the benefits of full membership.

Two-Day Events Only


A player wishing to compete only in Sneds Tour two-day events in the spring, summer and fall will need to have membership under this level. There is no membership fee, but individual event fees will be $50.00 more than two-day tournament fees for full Sneds Tour members. This membership is designed for the player wishing to compete in only one of our two-day events throughout the year. If you feel you will be competing in more than one of these events, it would be more beneficial for you to sign up for the full tour membership ($99.00) to receive a member packet and be eligible for the Tournament of Champions in late July. If a player wishes to switch over to a full membership during the summer season they must do so by July 1st and will be charged a $10.00 processing fee.

Tri Cities Jr. Series Only


A player wishing to compete only in Tri Cities Jr. Series events will need to have membership under this level. There is no membership fee and players will have access to three (3) tournament opportunities in the Tri Cities area. Go to www.tricitiesgolf.org for more information.

If you sign up for the full Sneds Tour membership ($99.00 fee) you will receive the following (items subject to change):

  • A dozen Bridgestone golf balls
  • Sneds Tour hat
  • Sneds Tour cooling towel
  • Sneds Tour magnent
  • Sneds Tour bag tag (New members will also receive Rules of Golf Tag Set)
  • Micro Divisions: Season Achievement Plaque
  • Eligibility to compete in a maximum of eight (8) Member Series events (excluding Elite Series, Open Series and Prep Series tournaments)
  • 2018 Rules of Golf Book (junior rule book will be given to Micro Division players)
  • Sneds Tour Rules of Play Sheet (Hard Card)
  • Awards to top finishers in each event within your division (top 3 places will receive a medal)
  • Sterling Cut Glass trophies for Elite Series, Masters 2-Day Series, Tour 2-Day, Open Series and Prep Series.
  • Golf Resume critique
  • Complimentary admission to "College Day" in winter of 2019

Tournament Fees  

Each member is eligible to compete in a maximum of eight (8) events throughout the regular season (excluding Elite Series, Open Series, Prep Series and Skills Series events). The Masters Two-Day and Tour Two-Day Series events count as one event.


Type of Event

Who Can Play?


9 Holes

Sneds Tour Member - Masters/Tour/Micro Division
Divisions of Play)


6 HolesSneds Tour Member - 4-7 Division (see Divisions of Play)


18 Holes

Sneds Tour Member - Masters/Tour Division
(see Divisions of Play)

 Skills Sneds Tour Member 
$95.00   Tour Two-Day Series - 36 Holes Sneds Tour Member  
$50.00  Micro Division Prep Series - 18 Holes  Sneds Tour Member   

$90.00 (member)

$140.00 (non-member)

Open Series - 36 Holes
Sneds Tour Member
Two-Day Series Only Member

$125.00 (member)

$175.00 (non-member)

Masters Two-Day Series - 36 Holes

Sneds Tour Member
 Two-Day Series Only Member

$145.00 (member)

$195.00 (non-member)

  Elite Series -  36 Holes

Sneds Tour Member
Two-Day Series Only Member

$32 for 18 Holes

$20 for 9 Holes

Tri Cities Jr. Series

Please visit www.tricitiesgolf.org for more information

www.snedstour.org | www.tngolf.org | www.tnjuniorgolf.com