The Masters Division is the highest form of competition offered by the Sneds Tour. This division is designed for the lower handicapped players ages 10-19. These players should have a proven ability to compete at a high level and a strong will to excel in tournament conditions. The Sneds Tour expects Masters Division players to be exemplary role models for all players. Players in this division must be very knowledgeable of the USGA Rules of Golf as well as the etiquette and traditions of the game. 

In order to compete on the Masters level, players must be approved by the Sneds Tour Staff.  If you played in 2020, your name should appear on the 2021 Sneds Tour Suggested Division of Competition List.  If we have not suggested the Masters level for you in 2021 and you feel you are ready to compete at this level, we will be glad to take another look.  If you will be a new member this year, we will be happy to look at your current ability level and help place you in the right division.  We will need you to supply us with some additional information in order to assess your current skill level.  If you have been playing in tournaments since last summer, we can take a look at your scores.  We will also be glad to speak with your swing instructor or school coach.  Just have them call the office: 615-790-3336.

2022 Sneds Tour Suggested Division of Competition List

To adjust your suggested division of competition, please call the Sneds Tour office at 615.790.3336 for more information

Masters Division Eligibility Requirements

1.    Age on June 19th, 2022
 is between 10 and 19.

2.    The player's average score from the approximate yardage below, falls within the designated scoring
        range for the player's specific division.

3.    Highly knowledgeable of the USGA Rules of Golf and on-course etiquette.

4.    Exemplary role model for all players within the Tour and society.

Like in 2021, the Sneds Tour will be using the Masters Division Performance Policy. The policy ensures players are competing in the division that most suits their skill set.

Click here for Masters Division Performance Policy

Age DivisionHoles PlayedApproximate YardageAverage Score

Boys 16-18 Masters


6,600 yards and above

80 and below

Boys 13-15 Masters


6,400-6,600 yards

85 and below

Boys 13&U Masters


2,750-2,900 yards

45 and below (9 holes)

Girls 16-18 Masters


5,500-5,800 yards

90 and below

Girls 15&U Masters


5,300-5,600 yards

95 and below

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