Caddies will be allowed in the following divisions for the entire season:

  1.  Tour Divisions: Boys 10-13 and Girls 12-18 (9 Hole Division) 
  2.  All Micro Divisions
  3.  4-7 Age Division

All other players must either carry their golf bag, or, if permitted by the host facility, use a push cart. Motorized carts are not permitted.

*Players are responsible for checking with the host facility to determine whether or not they permit push carts (phone numbers for the golf courses are located on each individual tournament web page).

Caddie Duties (where applicable)

A caddie may :

1.  Carry the player’s club and help with club selection
2.  Help the player with alignment of both his/her body and the club
3.  Count scores for fellow competitors and assist with scoring
4.  Help players with searching for balls, pace of play, and etiquette
5.  Attend the flagstick
6.  Find a Rules Official for any questions concerning the rules
7.  Report to the scoring area immediately following play to assist if necessary
8.  Encourage all players to have FUN

A caddie may not:

1.  Assist the player in any way during the swing
2.  Attempt to make rulings

*No player may have more than one caddie at a time. Caddies are encouraged not to emphasize winning, get too involved, or “over coach”. Any penalty incurred by the caddie will be resolved against the player. | |