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  Academic Guidelines 2023 (2024 Updates Coming Soon)


Section 1 - To be eligible to participate in athletic contests a student shall have been academically promoted to the next higher grade. Any student repeating a grade is ineligible to participate. A student who is ineligible at the beginning of the school year may gain eligibility the second semester by passing five (5) subjects, or the equivalent, the preceding semester provided the student is not repeating the same grade.

If a student is forced to withdraw from school, or is prevented from enrolling in school, due to the student’s illness, his/her accident, or his/her disability, the principal may request a ruling in regard to the student’s eligibility, provided the student was eligible at the time the illness or accident forced the student to withdraw or prevented the student from enrolling in school. If ruled eligible, such a student shall be charged with a semester of attendance for athletic purposes for the semester of non-attendance or withdrawal.

A student who returns to a member school after attendance at a school of correction or alternative school may be eligible for athletic participation provided the school of correction or alternative school is accredited by the Tennessee State Department of Education and provided the student returns to the school attended before entering the school of correction or alternative school.

Section 2 – For athletic purposes the scholastic record filed in the office of the principal or superintendent at the end of a semester shall be final. Credits earned in a summer school accredited by the State Department of Education shall be recognized for eligibility purposes provided the student was enrolled during the spring semester immediately preceding the summer session and attended at least 40 days of that spring semester.

Section 3 - A student who drops out of school before the end of the semester shall be ineligible to participate in secondary school athletics until the student has been in school a semester and has passed in at least five full unit subjects or the equivalent. (To become eligible under this regulation, a student must attend school for at least 40 days of the semester, but in no case shall the eligibility become effective until the beginning of the succeeding semester.)

Section 4 (Semester Rule) - A student shall have 6 semesters to complete 4 possible semesters of participation after entering the 7th grade. Attendance of 40 school days of any semester shall be regarded as a “semester” under this rule. If a student participates in athletics during a period of attendance of any number of days less than 40, he/she shall be charged with a semester of attendance. No student shall participate in any sport more than three seasons.

Section 5 (Repeating Rule) - Any student who repeats 6th, 7th or 8th grade shall not be eligible until they have reached the next higher grade.